$ART is a deflationary token with a supply of 1,000,000,000. It powers the LiveArtX community.

Token Distribution

Token Utility

The $ART token governs the LiveArtX Marketplace. Owning the token makes you part owner of our platform. As an owner, you get some pretty powerful benefits.

Access to Community

Ownership of $ART tokens makes you a member of the LiveArtX DAO. This grants you exclusive access to a high-quality network of artists & collectors.
  • Connect with art innovators
  • See what collectors are aping into
  • Learn about the next big NFT projects
This is the kind of community you can’t find anywhere else. If you love art, this is the DAO for you.

Curation by Users for Users

Curated marketplaces have a problem. They only reflect the tastes of the owners. Not the users.
At LiveArtX, we trust your judgment.
As a member of the DAO, you’ll have the power to decide. What gets published and what doesn’t.

Governance Structure

DAO members determine the future of the platform. LiveArtX will be a community-owned platform with the important decisions being made by the people who use it.
This is the art community of the future.
You’ll have the power to:
  • Vote on changes
  • Create proposals
  • Bid in private auctions

Membership Benefits

You receive different benefits based on your membership. Learn more on the membership page.