Powered by Web3, Fueled by Art
LiveArt is a global platform for all forms of art, all types of creators and every kind of collector. We live to streamline the discovery, sales and distribution of art with the goal of delivering exclusive collecting experiences to a global audience. Web3 is a natural extension of this mission - providing a secure, transparent and equitable foundation. We are living in the midst of art’s great breakout moment. Blockchain technology has forever shifted market dynamics in favor of creators, consumers and their communities. It has brought scarcity and ownership to digital assets, while enabling additional layers of programmability and rights management. And it is solving the art market’s age-old problems of trust, provenance, rights management and resale royalties.
Unique digital assets, enforceable royalty structures and transparent data access are empowering creators to unlock incredible value from a global consumer base. In the last year alone, this technological revolution has nearly doubled the size of the art market, shifting its center of gravity from a small audience of connoisseurs toward mainstream consumers. Ultimately, we believe that Web3 will be more revolutionary for the art market than the invention of the printing press or photography.
LiveArt is a global peer-to-peer trading platform that is powered by unprecedented transparency of art market data and analytics. Our network of artists, galleries and collectors interacts in a decentralized and verified ecosystem to buy and sell fine art. Our platform is built for traditional collectors and crypto-natives alike, supporting a plethora of payment methods, blockchains, media and sales formats.
LiveArt supports all forms of art and believes that digital art is simply that, art. It is another medium that extends the reach of creators beyond the physical realm - making it possible to tell powerful and interactive stories with NFTs, generative art and digital exhibitions. To support this new medium, LiveArt has built a Web3 technology platform that gives creators and brands the power to easily launch digital art projects with configurable smart contracts, web components, SDKs, APis and intuitive UIs.
Our Products
LiveArt Analytics is used by over 100,000 art collectors worldwide, providing live market data and intelligence for the art market. We are now working on applying our AI analytics technology to digital art, so that collectors can have a holistic view on the value of the art holdings.
LiveArt Trading Floor is a decentralized peer-to-peer art platform that supports trading from anywhere in the world. Our proprietary technology enables private negotiations, public auctions, secure payments and logistical support to give collectors the trust and confidence to transact.
LiveArt NFT as a white-label Web3 technology suite for artists, brands and their partners. The platform includes configurable gas-efficient smart contracts, web components, SDKs, APIs, and intuitive UIs so that projects can be launched seamlessly and efficiently.
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