Earning Points

Source of Art Points

LiveArt users have numerous opportunities to earn $Art Points through diverse activities that cater to different interests within the art community. Here are ways to accumulate points:

On-Boarding Quests Packages

Newcomers can earn points by completing onboarding quests offered via Galxe. During the first month, all quests come with a 2x multiplier, encouraging new users to explore and engage with the platform extensively. Quests include activities like updating profile names, engaging with our social media, and referring friends.

Social Media and Community Engagement

Users earn points by actively participating in social media activities. This includes tweeting about the $Art Point Universe, using specific hashtags, and following our official accounts on platforms like Instagram, Telegram, participating in Webinars and AMAs, and more.

Referral Programs:

Earn points by referring friends to join the $Art Point Universe. Each successful referral not only boosts your points tally but also contributes to your ongoing point accumulation, based on the activities of the referred individuals.


Through daily and weekly challenges as well as during special events and quests, users can engage with art related activities designed to make earning points fun and interactive.

Collector rewards

In the LiveArt ecosystem, collectors earn points by purchasing artwork at launch, with LiveArt Pass holders receiving a 3x multiplier. Points increase with the duration of NFT staking, encouraging long-term holding. Regular weekly check-ins also reward collectors for ongoing engagement and commitment.


Points are calculated based on a comprehensive formula that rewards community engagement and activity. The formula includes:

  • Related Social Footprint: Points are awarded for social media posts and interactions related to LiveArt.

  • Assets Owned x Time as Verified Discord Member: The longer your membership and the more assets you hold, the higher your points.

  • Game/Raffle + Event Attendance: Participate in LiveArt games, raffles, and events to earn additional points.

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