Token Utilities (DeFi Ecosystem)

Token utilities and mechanics implemented in the LiveArt DeFi Ecosystem.
LiveArt DeFi ecosystem considers a wide variety of products, such as native swaps, lending/borrowing, trading derivatives offerings, structured products and other solutions for participation in the secondary markets of the digital assets launched through LiveArt Launchpad.
Token Utilities Pertaining to the DeFI Ecosystem:
  • Revenue Distribution:
    ART token holders receive a partial distribution of the total fees generated by the LiveArt platform, which includes revenue from art launches, trading fees, and other platform transactions.
  • Risk Management (Lending & borrowing):
    ART holders can use their tokens as collateral to borrow against their token holdings at fixed and adjustable interest rates. This feature provides a risk-managed approach for users seeking liquidity without selling their ART holdings.
  • Liquidity Provision:
    ART token holders contributing liquidity to the ART/ETH (and number of other pools) pool on decentralized exchanges receive a share of the trading volume in fees. Users are encouraged to actively participate in liquidity provisioning to the ART market.
  • Liquidity Provision Rewards:
    LiveArt rewards liquidity providers with an additional bonus in ART tokens based on their monthly contribution to the platform's liquidity pools. This bonus is distributed proportionally to the liquidity provided.
  • Inflation Protection and Burn-and-Buyback System:
    LiveArt implements a buyback and burn schedule based on the circulating ART supply, funded by a portion of the platform's revenue. The bought-back tokens are burned, ensuring controlled inflation and maintaining scarcity.
  • Fee Discounts:
    ART holders enjoy a discount on transaction fees within the LiveArt platform based on their tier rank, providing an economic advantage for active users and larger stakeholders.
  • Staking Rewards:
    ART holders can stake their tokens and receive rewards as real yield APY. Staking rewards are distributed weekly, providing users with additional ART tokens and reputational points.
  • Farm Boosting:
    Staked ART tokens in the fractionalized NFT farming pool boost the liquidity pair APY, enhancing the overall yield for participants actively engaged in liquidity provisioning and farming.