Token Utilities (Launchpad)

Token utilities and mechanics implemented in the LiveArt Launchpad.

Tiered Access System Based on Reputational Model

ART holders enjoy tiered access to the NFT launchpad based on the quantity of reputational points held, influencing their benefits in token sales: (The tier ranking is adjusted based on the number of users and commercial activity on the platform)

  • Tier 1: fixed number of points

    • Standard access to token sales

    • 1st tier fee discount

    • 1st tier whitelist chance and allocation

  • Tier 2: fixed number of points

    • 2nd tier higher allocation limits

    • 2nd tier fee discount

    • 2nd tier whitelist chance and allocation

  • Tier 3: Top 1000 people

    • 3rd tier higher allocation limits

    • 3rd tier fee discount

    • 3rd tier whitelist chance and allocation

  • Tier 4: Top 500 people

    • Exclusive early access

    • 4th tier higher allocation limits

    • 4th tier fee discount

    • 4th tier whitelist chance and allocation

  • Tier 5: Top 100 people

    • Exclusive early access

    • 5th tier higher allocation limits

    • 5th tier fee discount

    • 5th tier whitelist chance and allocation

    • Exclusive perks (closed AMA-s with founders of collections, personalized art market reports, AMA-s with Live Art C-levels, priority customer support, limited-edition physical merchandise)

Reputational Model:

Users are required to accumulate points in order to gain access to tiers in the Tiered Access System

There are several activities within the LiveArt ecosystem which contribute to reputational points accumulation. Reputational points are non transferable decaying tokens which are attributed to users based on their participation in the LiveArt ecosystem. Users must claim their reputational tokens. Number of points accumulated by user directly influences their access to higher tiers.

Activities which earn reputational points:

  • Staking ART: The number of staked tokens and their lock-up duration directly affects the number of reputational points user earns.

  • Trading ART: Reputational points are earned by users based on their trade volume and frequency, using the platform's native trading products.

  • Swaps with ART: Swaps in $ART and any other token minted by the platform contributes to user’s points balance.

  • SocialFi: Participation in Social activity (both online and offline) earns reputational points for users.

  • Consistent participation in token sales: The number of NFTs owned and the tenure of their holding accumulates points for the user.

  • Simple holding of ART (tenure + amount): Users earn reputational points by simply holding $ART, the longer they hold the more reputational points they receive.

  • Lending & borrowing: Usage of native lending/borrowing platforms generates more reputational points for the user.

  • Governance: Participation in governance activities gains reputational points to LiveArt users.

  • Referral system: On-boarding new users gains reputational points to users.

Additional benefits and mechanisms

Total number of reputational points held by the user is the primary factor by which benefits are distributed among the user base. Reputation is a constant action. The number of points decays if the user activity is not maintained. Users with the most reputational points get access to exclusive features such as:

  • Refund Option: ART holders with a high number of reputation points (top of the ranked list) may benefit from a refund option within 48 hours of an INO/IDO. Reputable investors who purchased fractions of NFTs at the original price point can return the total initially acquired tokens.

  • Participating Curatorship: ART holders with high reputation can utilize their tokens to participate as curators in LiveArt funds. Curators influence the selection of assets and liquidity strategies applied to LiveArt funds. A unique opportunity to engage as part of the community in shaping the platform's artistic direction.

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