Rights & Royalties

The NFT space is plagued by scams and theft. Our mission is to bring legitimacy to the market by offering artists powerful smart contracts that guarantee authenticity.


You have complete control over the rights to your NFT. You can customize display, copyright, and commercial rights. These will be baked into your NFT so future owners will know exactly what they can and can’t do.
  • Title Rights - This will be the first owner of the NFT.
  • Display Rights - These rights include copying the artwork and creating derivatives.
  • Copyrights - These rights define who can publicly display or perform the artwork.


You have complete control over royalty percentages. You can customize the royalty percent for the initial and secondary sales.
You can include multiple creators, a publisher, or even a gallery that has curated your work.
In order to have enforced royalties, you must select ERC-721 Guaranteed Royalties. This token guarantees royalties by enforcing it in the smart contract itself. The token cannot be transferred unless the artist gets paid. This protects artists from theft.


  • Publisher - LiveArtX will be the publisher of your NFT.
  • Creator - List the artist who created the NFT. You may include multiple artists depending on the type of token you selected.
  • Curator - List the address of the art gallery featuring your NFT artwork.

Archival Bundles

We provide archival bundles reflecting museum quality standards that are permanently linked to each NFT, giving creators and collectors the documentation to ensure longevity and proper collections management.
Certificates of Authenticity
Condition Reports
Preservation management with multiple distributed media storage options (IPFS, Arweave)
Legally vetted rights definitions, loan terms, and transfers
Artist defined instructions for display and lending