Select Token

Every artist has different needs. That's why we provide 3 different kinds of tokens you can pick from.
Choose carefully. You won't be able to change the type of token unless you select the Extended token. If you use the Extended Token, it will be locked on our platform. You'll be able to transform it into a Standard token by paying gas fees.
  • Extended- A token standard that supports multiple creators, rights management, and guaranteed resale royalties. It also supports a buyout option for interoperability and supports multiple royalty receivers. Your token is only available on our platform.
  • Standard - An ERC-721 token with rights attached. It supports multiple creators, rights management and interoperability. However, it does not guarantee royalties when trading on other platforms.
  • Basic - A standard ERC-721 that supports one creator and is interoperable.

Customize with our Plug-In Extensions

Beyond the initial minting, we offer creators a suite of plug-in extensions that allow them to add functionality to their projects
Batch minting
Redeemable NFTs
Generative NFTs
Event-Driven NFTs
Lazy Minting
Locked Content
Blind Boxes