What is Minting?

Getting Your Artwork on the Blockchain

Minting Your NFT

Minting is when you create a non-fungible token. You upload your artwork, and pay gas fees to the Ethereum network. Once the transaction has been confirmed, your token will be created. It's unique and non-interchangeable.
Once the token is created, it will be inside your crypto wallet. From there, you can sell, auction, or just keep it for yourself. And the best part? No coding required.
You get lots of options such as
  • Listing multiple creators
  • Seamless minting process
  • Guaranteed rights & royalties
We believe in empowering artists. Which is why we enable you to take your token to any platform you like. You can apply to have your NFT listed on LiveArtX Marketplace, or you can sell it on other markets such as Open Sea or Rarible.
The choice is yours.