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Our Tech

We've developed powerful smart contracts. And we want to share them with the world.

Open Source Initiative

The Developer Lab is a set of tools to enable developers to use and customize our smart contracts in any way they'd like. We strongly believe in open source and encourage any and all developers to experiment with our tools.

Bug Bounty

Artists, collectors, and galleries rely on LiveArtX to provide a secure platform. Any flaws in smart contracts can be devastating. The blockchain world has seen the consequences of bugs time and time again, from multi-billion-dollar exchange hacks to devastating flash loan attacks.
While we’re confident in the security of our smart contracts, we encourage bug bounty hunters to find potential ways we can further strengthen our systems. To that end, 1% of $ART is allocated to bug hunting and bounty programs.
This will incentivize individuals and groups to find flaws in our code so that they can be fixed before any damage is done. The program will pay out bounties in $ART tokens, providing an additional use case for the token outside of art transactions. It will also foster a community of individuals who are interested in helping to secure the network, increasing its stability and value over time.