The art market is an enormous ($2T) asset class that is become democratized through the use of blockchain technology, which is set to increase trading volumes massively in the years ahead.

Market Introduction

Click the slides below for a brief primer on art as an asset class. In short, LiveArt is an asset class that has (a) historically outperformed other assets, inlcuding the S&P 500, (b) is rapidly moving online with collectors purchasing art on digital platforms such as LiveArt, and (c) there is a next generation of colelctors who are eager to realize financial returns in addition to the appreciation of artistic expression.

What these slides don't reflect, is the enormous opportunity that is being unlocked with technology. There is significant value being created by AI technology and the blockchain revolution that is bringing (a) transparency into asset values in real-time, (b) value estimates for retail collectors, (c) the ability to quickly purchase and sell assets online and (d) access to additional liquidity through Web3 protocols.

Our Products and Services

LiveArt Analytics: LiveArt maintains and publishes one of the worlds largest art price databases with over 10M+ records from major auction houses around the world. Using machine learning, we publish this data in real-time for free to our global network of art enthusiasts. For more information, feel free to visit or to download the LiveArt Mobile App.

Global Trading Floor (RWA Trading): LiveArt enables collectors from around the world to trade their physical art on a global exchange. LiveArt provides the infrastructure such as advisory services, KYC verification, artwork warehousing, transportation and payment processing so that collectors can trade their art with peace of mind. We work with the world's top galleries, advisors, dealers and collectors. For more information, please visit

Fine Art NFT Studio: LiveArt works with top artists with 9-10 figure market caps. We incubate their art in our studio, partnering with digital artists and crypto-native communities to launch new projects in a digital medium. At LiveArt, we extend the artists' market and engage global communities of collectors. For mor information, please visit

Fractionalization: Leveraging LiveArt's Analytics products (RWA pricing) and Global Trading Floor (sourcing of top-tier investable artworks) LiveArt will enable Web3 collectors to invest inand trade tokenized physical art masterpieces. For more information about the fractionalization protocol, buyout process and LiveArt's differentiators please visit the "Products" section.

ArtFi Products: Using "out of the box" Web3 protocols, LiveArt will enable users to invest and speculate on art indices that are powered by LiveArt's market-leading data product.

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