The Best of the Best
Most NFT marketplaces face a serious problem. They're polluted by seas of inferior NFTs. Collectors need to spend countless hours to find something they love. That's why LiveArtX is a curated platform, to ensure every artwork is first-rate and authentic.
Our curation helps collectors cut through the clutter and find something they love.
LiveArtX Marketplace will reflect the artistic tastes of:
  • Our community
  • The curation team at LiveArtX
  • Galleries using the White Label Solution

Verifying Original Artwork

Many NFT marketplaces suffer from swarms of fraud and scams. That's why it's so important to make sure that the true creator and/or owner is the one listing the NFT. Our platform guarantees that every NFT is authentic and belongs to the proper owner.
The best way to empower artists is by stopping scammers.
Our Creator Hub uses powerful technology to scan the artwork and identify the original token on the blockchain.

Powered by Industry Experts

We've gathered a team of industry experts with decades of experience. We understand what makes art great. We believe every NFT on our platform can find a home with a collector who loves it.
As the community evolves, we plan on delegating more to $ART token owners. We're the art community of the future. And a big part of that means allowing every member of the community to contribute to curation.