How It Works

Using the LiveArtX Marketplace
We've designed our marketplace to be authentic and accessible. You don't need to be crypto-native to purchase NFTs. We enable everyone to collect great art.

Payment Methods

We make it as easy as possible to purchase an NFT. You can use:
  • Ethereum
  • A Credit card
Coming soon:
  • Binance Coin
  • Polygon
  • Palm

Reserve Price

The reserve price is the lowest amount a seller is willing to accept for artwork during an auction. However, this number will be hidden from bidders during the auction.
If a collector placed a bid during an auction, it must be above that price or they won't receive the artwork.


As a token owner, you have a few options to sell your artwork.
Auction - This is a standard English auction. You can set a designated time for collectors to place bids. You'll set a reserve price for your token that will ensure you get fair value.
Fixed price - Set a single fixed price for your NFT. The collector will be able to buy it instantly.


If you find an NFT you love you can check if it's available for a set price. If it is, then you'll be able to instantly purchase it and see it in your crypto wallet.
If the artwork is currently in an auction, then you'll need to place a bid.


You can place a bid on an artwork that is currently being auctioned. Once you've placed your bid, the owner can choose to accept your offer or wait out the auction.
If your bid offer was higher than the reserve price and the highest bid, you'll receive the artwork.