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Bring the Art world to Web3.

NFTs Are Changing Our World

By creating blockchain solutions made specifically for the art world, LiveArtX is ensuring that artists, galleries and collectors can easily participate in this revolution, while at the same time establishing best practices and long sought-after solutions for the art world’s most vexing problems.
NFTs are a part of an art-world revolution that not only gives voice to a new generation of artists, but also provides ways for artists and their communities to secure rights and revenues that were previously impossible.
This new world is one we understand. LiveArt is both art and tech.
We've held leadership roles at Sotheby’s and Christie’s. We are gallerists. We are collectors. We have worked with hundreds of artists. We have built technology platforms for the art world.
In 2021 our founding team came together to build for the art world. This platform shaped technology to enable artists and collectors to have a direct line of communication with each other.
LiveArtX is a natural extension of this mission.
Change is hard. And only more so in the art world. But as disruptions come to so many traditional industries, we seamlessly bring the art world into the world of Web3, with all of its expanded creative and market opportunities.
We see that within the art world, blockchain technology is a new medium, not just a currency or collectible. An NFT is as foundational as a blank canvas, and blockchain is changing the way artists are thinking about their process. LiveArt works with artists to unlock the creative potential of NFTs, and to facilitate art that is both on blockchain and of blockchain.
Our products are based on a careful analysis of how each stakeholder in the art ecosystem will be affected by NFTs:
  • For Collectors - A Curated NFT Marketplace vetted for quality and authenticity. With the LiveArtX NFT marketplace, collectors gain access to NFTs produced by artists at top-tier global art galleries.
  • For Community - The #ART token powers the whole community. It gives collectors & artists the power to own the platform they use and gain access to exclusive art experiences.
  • For Artists - The LiveArtX Creator Hub is a set of tools that allow artists to customize metadata, editions and enforce rights & royalties on-chain.
  • For Galleries and Art Fairs: A turnkey "white-labeled" NFT minting and selling platform deployed on your website, for your artists and collectors, and under your own brand
  • For Museums and Cultural Institutions: Partnership opportunities for best practices in digital art stewardship, drop-sites for NFT donations, and NFT strategies for innovative community engagement
  • For Developers - Our Developer Lab is an open-source initiative to enable developers to use our smart contracts for themselves.