Our marketplace is the ultimate destination for trading fine art NFTs. Ultimately, we believe in 3 core principles for maintaining a high-quality marketplace.
  • Verified Authenticity - We guarantee each NFT on our marketplace is original and belongs to the correct owner at listing.
  • Tastefully Curated - Our platform provides killer curation so you don't have to waste your time looking through seas of junk.
  • Easy Experience - Buying an NFT is painless. You don't even need Ethereum. You can pay with your credit card.
The LiveArtX marketplace will draw digital artwork from galleries around the world. And the platform will be open to everyone. This will bridge Web3 and the traditional art world. Fine Art won't be exclusive to private collectors or Museums, but available for anyone to own.

Creator Hub

The LiveArtX Creator Hub is a set of tools that allow you to create and mint your own NFT. We give you the ability to customize your metadata, editions and enforce rights & royalties on-chain. The Creator Hub is the easiest NFT platform for artists to use. There is no technical experience required to get started.

Enabling Web3 Artists

We enable artists to have complete creative control over their art. We make it as simple as possible to create your NFT so you can focus on what matters. The art.
You have options for your NFT you won't find anywhere else.
  • Adding multiple artists as creators
  • A straightforward creation process
  • Generative plug-ins for batch minting, rarity, and other properties
  • Guaranteed rights & royalties built into the smart contract
Learn more about minting your NFT in our minting guide.

$ART Token

We believe in user-owned platforms as a principle of Web3. That's why LiveArtX will be a DAO governed by token owners. Members will decide the direction of the platform.

Users Become Owners

We've reserved 40% of our $ART token supply to reward the most active members of the LiveArtX marketplace. Members with high NFT trading volume will be rewarded tokens to decide the future of the platform. After all, they will know best.

White Label

Our White Label Solution makes it easy for art galleries to create & curate their own NFT marketplace. Think of it as the Shopify for NFTs.
As the NFT art market continues to grow exponentially, there will be more demand than ever for high-quality, curated artwork.
Our solution provides a few distinct benefits for innovative galleries.
  • Easy setup
  • Give collectors what they want
  • Capture part of a growing market
  • Empower artists like never before
  • Bring your gallery into the metaverse
Learn more about our White Label Solution.

Developer Lab

We're building cutting-edge technology to power LiveArtX. And we want to share it with the world.
The open-source initiative will enable developers to use our tech for themselves.
We've also allocated a percentage of $ART tokens to anyone who can identify a bug in our smart contracts.