Sourcing & Pricing

LiveArt's advisory team, responsible for handling high value transactions in the physical world, sources artworks from top institutions and collectors from around the world.

Sourcing: LiveArt's in-house sourcing team of experts finds the best deal to fractionalize. LiveArt's sourcing process for art fractionalization heralds a new era in art ownership and investment. Through a curated network of esteemed partners, including globally recognized artists, prestigious estates, and esteemed galleries, we proactively initiate collaborations that bring an array of distinguished artworks to our platform. the team meticulously selects each piece, ensuring that the offerings not only resonate with the investment savvy but also with those who possess a deep appreciation for the aesthetic and historical significance.

Pricing: Each artwork that is sourced by LiveArt undergoes a screening process to verify and price artworks in the market. The pricing is driven largely by the LiveArt Estimate.

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