Decentralized Trading

LiveArt has build a decentralized exchange that enables verified users to buy and sell high value art from around the world. The exchange provides the necessary framework for collectors:

  1. Market Data to Support Trading Decisions: LiveArt Analytics levels the playing field and enable informed decision making among the transacting parties.

  2. Privacy: LiveArt protects the privacy of both for the transacting parties and the transacted objects.

  3. Trust & Validation: LiveArt provides services to counterparties to overcome transactional friction - including KYC/AML, streamlined contracting, flow of funds (escrow), and smooth logistics.

  4. Predictive Matching: LiveArt's supply and demand data are essential to scaling the business, unlocking the fragmented market knowledge currently imprisoned in the heads of individual specialists with AI.

  5. Expert Support: High value transactions require tailored customer service to reduce friction at key transactional points

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