Art Market Analytics

LiveArt Analytics revolutionizes art market analysis by leveraging a machine learning infrastructure that comprehensively processes a multitude of data sources to deliver advanced insights and predictive capabilities. Here are the key features and functionalities that set LiveArt Analytics apart:

  • AI-Powered Pricing and Analytics: The platform manages an extensive database of over 10 million artworks, utilizing AI to predict prices and offer robust market analytics.

  • LiveArt Estimate™: This tool provides AI-generated Current Market Values (CMV) for both the artworks in the LiveArt database and user-uploaded pieces, ensuring users have access to precise valuations.

  • MyCollection™: This feature offers portfolio analytics specifically tailored for artworks within a user’s collection, assisting collectors in tracking and optimizing the value of their investments.

  • AI-Generated Comparables: For each artwork, the system automatically generates comparables, enhancing understanding of an artwork’s market position by comparing it to over 10 million other artworks.

  • Artist Performance Indicators: Key statistics such as trade volume, average price, and historical highs and lows are readily available, providing a detailed performance overview for over 345,000 artists.

  • Sales Performance Indicators and After Auction Reports: Users receive professional summaries and detailed analyses of auctions, including performance breakdowns by lot, helping to understand market dynamics at a granular level.

  • Comprehensive Data Coverage: The analytics cover a range of inputs, including:

    • Auction results,

    • Guarantee and reserves,

    • Market demand and search behavior,

    • Coverage of private collections, secondary sales, and more,

    • Development plans include integrating social media trends, primary sales, art fairs, gallery sales, and future features like bidding history and underbidder data.

  • Real-Time Market Insights:

    • Real-time updates on auction totals allow users to compare performance across various auction houses instantly.

    • Detailed breakdowns show percentages of lots sold above, within, below estimates, or passed.

    • Includes hammer price and premium data for each lot and auction totals.

    • Real-time streaming of live and online auctions enhances the immediacy and relevance of data.

  • Search and Filtering Capabilities: Users can effortlessly search and filter across auctions and results, tailoring the data to their specific needs.

  • Post-Sale Content: LiveArt Analytics provides instant, digestible post-sale summaries driven by comprehensive data insights, aiding collectors and professionals in making informed decisions quickly.

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