Customizing Contracts

LiveArtX understands the importance of representing your identity. This is why we enable you to create a perfectly unique smart contract for your brand. We give you a number of options to customize from the name, symbol, and, most importantly, the contract signature.
We encourage you to think carefully about your custom smart contracts. Once this data is available on the blockchain, it cannot be changed. If you want to make changes in the future, you'll have to

Contract Name

The smart contract name identifies the contract and will be used anywhere your contract is mentioned. We encourage less than 15 characters. You'll be able to search for your smart contract on platforms such as Etherscan.

Contract Symbol

The contract symbol will be publicly available on Etherscan. The symbol will be used when sharing links to your smart contract. It's an additional identifier to help establish your brand identity.
The input is limited to 5 alphanumeric characters.

Contract Signature

You can create a custom Smart contract signature using ASCII. This signature should embody your brand's identity. It will be publicly available on your smart contract.
We encourage you to use this tool to seamlessly sign your contract.