Our White Label Solution allows galleries to create their own NFT marketplace and curate artwork on it.

The Problem with Galleries

Art galleries are vital to the art ecosystem. But they have many problems which hurt them from expanding beyond their existing market.


Galleries must spend thousands of hours discovering great artists. It's time-consuming and expensive. This ensures the quality of the gallery. But at the cost of efficiency.
At LiveArtX, we want to make it easy for galleries to curate the best of the best. But we also want their curation to scale beyond a single location.

Going Digital

Most galleries have struggled to create a strong digital presence. They tend to focus on a great in-person experience.
This made them particularly vulnerable in recent events.


Shutdowns and social isolation have been brutal for art galleries. People just don't go anymore. This makes it especially important for them to start bringing their artwork online.
And luckily for them, we have just the solution.

Make Your Own Marketplace

White Label allows galleries to launch their own NFT marketplace and curate NFTs created by artists in their gallery.
This will be the biggest disruption in art since the Renaissance.
Any innovative art gallery can launch its own NFT marketplace. The NFTs on their platform will be curated by them. This will bring more art galleries online than ever before. But not just to the internet, to the metaverse.
Creator Hub compliments White Label by making it easy for artists too.

Easy for Artists

Traditional artists can mint their work as NFTs using our Creator Hub. Minting NFTs will be an easy experience. And it will be natively built to support galleries using White Label. But t's not just easy to use. It also protects payments.
The Creator Hub enforces NFT royalty payments on-chain. This means the artist, gallery, and anyone else will receive the proper payments every time the token changes hands. This is different from other NFT token standards because royalty payments aren't normally guaranteed.
We believe in empowering artists. Curation won't be limited to the gallery's platform. But artists will be able to curate their work on LiveArtX as well.

A Platform of Platforms

LiveArtX Marketplace allows artists from White Label galleries to curate their work on LiveArtX in addition to their gallery. This helps everyone in the ecosystem.
  • Artists get more exposure for their work
  • Collectors have a single platform for the best fine art NFTs
  • Galleries onboard their artists to Web3 & receive curator royalty payments
This is going to make LiveArtX the central hub of fine art NFTs.