Collector and Referral Rewards

Collector Reward System

Purchase-Based Points

Collectors earn points for each artwork purchased during initial drops. LiveArt Pass holders enjoy a 3x multiplier on these points, acknowledging their significant investment and loyalty to the platform.

Staking NFTs

Collectors can stake their NFTs to earn points. The longer the staking period, the more points they accumulate. This system is designed to incentivize long-term holding within the LiveArt ecosystem and enhance the perceived value of keeping collections.

Weekly Check-ins

By verifying ownership of their collections through weekly check-ins, collectors earn consistent rewards. This process ensures active engagement and provides recognition for collectors’ dedication to maintaining their portfolio on LiveArt.

Referral Rewards

Referral Program Overview

Users earn points by referring new members to join the LiveArt community. This program is structured to reward both one-time referrals and ongoing engagement by referred friends.

Initial Referral Rewards

Upon successful referral, the referrer receives a one-time point bonus. For instance, referring five friends during the onboarding period could yield significant points, with each referral valued at 100 points.

Continuous Referral Rewards

After the initial reward, referrers continue to earn a percentage of the points that their referred friends accumulate from their activities on the platform. This creates a passive reward system, where active referrers can continually benefit from the engagement of their network.

Weekly Referral Reward Boost

If a user successfully refers three new members within a week, they receive a triple points boost for the next three days, encouraging a surge in referral activity.

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