Certificate of Authenticity

The certificate of authenticity gives you access to get a signed print of your NFT with free shipping.

You can purchase a certificate here:


What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

It is a digital document on the Ethereum blockchain that provides verifiable proof of the origin, ownership, and authenticity of your Boundless NFT print.

What can I do with my Boundless Certificate of Authenticity?

Certificate holders are able to do three important things with this certificate:

  1. Get a physical print of your NFT (free shipping)

  2. Prove the authenticity of your print

  3. Sell the right to print in the secondary market

Do I have to pay extra to get the print?

No, the right to have a single physical format of your NFT is an included utility of the certificate of authenticity at no additional cost

Can I trade my certificate in the secondary market?

Yes, you can trade this NFT in the secondary. However, we do not recommend you trade this NFT after you have claimed your print. It is important the NFT and the certificate remain together to remain authentic in the market

Can I buy a certificate in the secondary market?

Yes, you can, however, please make sure to check the "certificate claimed" trait. If this trait is set to true, it means that the print has been claimed and you can no longer get a print with that specific certificate

Can I buy an NFT in the secondary market to mint a certificate?

Yes, you can. However, please make sure that the NFT has not been used already to mint a certificate. Holders can only mint one certificate for every Boundless NFT they hold. To check we recommend you monitor the opensea page to check which certificates have been minted: https://opensea.io/collection/yue-minjun-boundless-print-series

How many certificates can I mint?

You can mint 1 certificate for every 1 Boundless NFT you hold

Can I pick which NFT I want to print?

Yes! as part of the mint experience, you will be required to enter the number of the Boundless NFT you want to print. This will be validated by our smart contract to ensure the NFT entered is available in the user's wallet and/or staked by that user


At LiveArt, we are experts at working with artists in the traditional art market. Therefore, we have designed a mechanism for selling physical and digital assets that:

  1. Ensures the authenticity of the artwork

  2. Protects the artist's market

  3. Facilitates digitally-native forms of trading the asset

This certificate acts as a token that verifies the origin and ownership of a Boundless NFT physical print by Yue Minjun and records:

  • The medium and size of the print

  • Boundless NFT that executed the Certificate of Authenticity

  • Data on whether or not a print for it has been claimed

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