LiveArt is ideally positioned to offer fractionalization of RWAs (high value artworks) to our collectors. Planned to launched in Q3 2023, below is our vision and value proposition:


Art is an incredible overperforming asset class (a $2T asset), which until recently, has only been available to the ultra-wealthy. Fractionalization of real world assets (RWAs) makes these assets accessible to a much broader audience. LiveArt's vision is to bring premium "investment grade" artworks, that are expected to appreciate in value, to collectors around the world.

Why Blockchain?

We are often asked "why do this using blockchain technology?" Why not just start an art fund and invest into these artworks in a traditional sense? These are good questions -- but there are very practical and exciting use cases for tokenization of RWAs.

  • Accessibility: Blockchain technology immediately lowers the barrier to entry, expanding market reach for the business.

  • Transferability: Unlike traditional "art shares", fractions of artworks can be easily bought, sold, shared and traded using blockchain technology.

  • Liquidity: There is the opportunity to use native DeFi protocols (lending, staking, secondary trading) to significantly enhances market liquidity and trading volumes.

  • Innovation: Enables the creation of art indices and derivative products for diverse investment strategies.

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