Point Conversion and Rewards

Conversion to $Art Tokens

Pre-Season and Season 1 Conversions

Points earned prior to 2024 are part of the Pre-Season Points System, where points were converted into $Art Tokens at a predetermined ratio. For points accumulated during Season 1, a new conversion ratio will be disclosed closer to the project's launch date.

Token Generation Event (TG)

Following the TG, $Art Tokens equivalent to the points earned will be airdropped directly to users’ wallets, seamlessly transitioning earned points into tradeable tokens.

Utility of $Art Points

$Art Points serve multiple functions within the LiveArt ecosystem, enhancing user engagement and offering tangible rewards:

  • Redeem for Discounts: Points can be used to obtain discounts on purchases from the LiveArt collection. The specific discount rates and terms will be provided, allowing users to leverage their earned points to acquire new art at a reduced cost.

  • Entry into Raffles: Every 100 points earned entitles the user to one raffle ticket, opening opportunities to win exclusive artworks and prizes.

  • Conversion into $Art Tokens: At the end of Season #1, and periodically thereafter, points will be converted into $Art Tokens, which can be used within the LiveArt ecosystem or traded on supported exchanges.

  • Threshold for Airdrop Eligibility: Collectors who reach specific point thresholds will be eligible for $Art Token airdrops, rewarding the most active and loyal members of the community with additional tokens.

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