Reedemable NFTs

At LiveArt, we understand the physical and digital art market nuances. Our mission is to provide a platform where collectors can easily trade, collect, and purchase art with a digital-first approach.

We've expertly combined web3 technology with our seasoned fine-art distribution system to ensure that an artwork's primary and secondary market transactions are secure, reliable, and private.

Our unique offering includes redeemable NFTs, which function as ERC-721 tokens. Any collection of a physical asset will be acquired through a redeemable NFT that can be exchanged for physical art pieces.

Collectors can purchase these NFTs to claim the related physical artwork or trade the tokenized version even before the physical piece is produced.

Once the claim for the physical asset is finalized, the redeemable NFT is burnt, production for the physical help begins, and a tradable, tokenized certificate of authenticity is issued.

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