Digital Art Studio

LiveArt has build a digital art studio that works with top artists from around the world (with market caps of $150M+) to launch blockchain-native art projects.

Curated NFT Collections

The LiveArt Fine Art NFT Launchpad stands as the premier platform for the world’s top artists venturing into digital art and blockchain technology. LiveArt combines expertise in both the art world and blockchain technology to create unique NFT drops with phygital components.

Phygital Artworks: Bridging Digital with Physical

Unique to LiveArt Studio drops is the inclusion of a phygital element with digital art NFTs. During primary sale of every NFT collection, collectors have the option to acquire a physical print of their digital art piece, offered as a bundle. These physical artworks are represented as print vouchers NFTs, which can be freely traded on NFT marketplaces.

The LiveArt platform innovatively caters to both Web3 collectors and traditional art enthusiasts by offering a dedicated marketplace for trading print vouchers. This initiative enhances the value of the LiveArt collection, providing liquidity for Web3 collectors and unique acquisition opportunities for traditional collectors. Through this marketplace, LiveArt is setting a new standard for the ownership and enjoyment of fine art, making exclusive prints accessible to a wider audience than ever before.

By marrying the tactile appeal of physical art with the dynamic possibilities of digital platforms, LiveArt is not only expanding the horizons for artists but also enriching the art collecting experience for enthusiasts around the globe.

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