LiveArt Analytics

LiveArt has built the world’s largest free art market databases, powered by machine learning, to provide investors with real-time data and market insights into RWA values.

LiveArt Data (Off Chain)

The LiveArt Mobile App is one the leading art data sources in the world, collecting over 10 million data points, meticulously gathered from auction house results. This vast reservoir of information is enhanced by predictive AI, providing unparalleled insights into market trends, valuations, and investment opportunities, empowering stakeholders with actionable intelligence.

LiveArt Data (On Chain)

In the evolving landscape of digital and real-world asset (RWA) art, the necessity for accessible, reliable on-chain data is growing. LiveArt addresses this by offering an on-chain data oracle, aggregating essential art data points directly on the blockchain. This initiative ensures that smart contracts and decentralized applications have real-time access to accurate art market data, fostering transparency and trust in digital art transactions.

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