What are the benefits of holding a LiveArt X Card?

The LiveArt X Card provides a range of benefits across the LiveArt ecosystem that are unparalleled in the industry, powered by the $ART token. Among them is exclusive access to LiveArt’s industry-leading AI-generated insights and market data to help collectors make informed decisions. The LiveArt X Card also provides special access to LiveArt artist projects, curated by an in-house team of experts hailing from the top organizations in the art world, including Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

What are the LiveArt X Circles

With the LiveArt X Card, holders become part of the most exclusive art collecting community. Card holders have access to a range of benefits and utilities across three different tiers, the LiveArt X Circles. Each Circle can be accessed in line with the holders’ past and ongoing NFT buying and selling activity: the LiveArt X Member’s Circle, for new and emerging collectors in the space; the LiveArt X Collector’s Circle, for established collectors; the LiveArt X Patron’s Circle for the biggest collectors in web3.

I bought a LiveArt X Card. How can I upgrade to the next Circle?

As a LiveArt X Card member, you have the opportunity to upgrade to the exclusive Collector or Patron Circles based on your past and ongoing buying and selling activity. In order to qualify, holders must:

  • Hold the LiveArt X Card for 30 days

  • Support artists working in the digital space: have NFTs from blue chip digital art collections and hold a collection value of at least 10 ETH

  • Participate in an upcoming LiveArt NFT collection

What is happening to my LiveArt membership?

LiveArt Membership holders can claim their LiveArt X Card at a discounted price depending on their level. To activate the discount, membership holders must burn their original membership, and the holders can keep their $ART. This $ART will be available for the holders to claim once we release the token. If you do not upgrade to the LiveArt X Card, you can redeem your $ART on the vesting schedule, but the remainder of the original utility will expire after full vesting.

I am having technical issues. How can I get into contact with you?

If you are experiencing technical issues and need assistance, you can contact us at support@liveart.io. You can also try reaching out to us through our social media accounts. We will do our best to address your technical issues and resolve them as quickly as possible.

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