Prints will be created and shipping from the Artist's studio

Prints will be claimable by all Boundless Certificate of Authenticity holders. To get your print:

  1. Complete our claiming form to get your nft printed and shipped (no additional costs all included with the ownership of the certificate)


When can I claim?

Claiming window will open on September 19

Will I have to pay extra for shipping?

No extra charges for shipping, it is included as benefit of the certificate

What is the medium for the print?

Medium will be announced soon, the artist is finalizing these details

How many prints can I claim with my certificate?

One print for every certificate

Is the print signed?

Yes it is

Is there an option to have my prints framed?

The prints won’t be framed and buyers are free to organize framing when the print arrives. This is done to decrease the likelihood of in-transit damages.

From what source file will the print be made?

It is done from the highest resolution file uploaded to IPFS, this is the largest resolution file that exists for the NFT

Is claiming automatically recognized with the purchase of the certificate or is it done as a separate transaction?

Claiming is done as a separate on-chain transaction. There are no additional costs charged by LiveArt, however, this may incur gas fees to confirm the transaction on-chain. The reason this is done on-chain is to ensure that the certificate's "print claimed" status gets updated accordingly and prevents other collectors from purchasing certificates that have had prints claimed (as it will be clearly visibly on the traits section)

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