This feature will be released to enable collectors to stake Boundless NFTs by Yue Minjun to unlock discounts.


How does the discount work?

After you stake your NFTs you will obtain a discount that can be used to purchase a certificate of authenticity

How many times can I stake?

Holders are only able to stake one time per wallet

When will I get my discount?

The discount will be distributed to your wallet as soon as the NFTs are staked


Yue Minjun Boundless holders are able to enter 4 different staking levels. With each level, collectors are required to stake a specific number of NFTs for a specific locking period to access their desired discount.

Each holder can stake 1 level type per wallet. This is necessary because the printing process must be carried out one by one, allowing the certificate to be accurately mapped to the specific NFT requesting the print.

Once the NFTs are staked they will be unable to be unstaked until the locking period has expired.

Once you stake, a discount will be associated with your wallet (depending on the staking level) and you can apply it to you purchase of a certificate.


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