Founded in 2020, LiveArt has achieved significant real world traction with revenues, community building and technology development.

Significant Sales Volume

LiveArt has successfully facilitated over $20 million USD in total physical art sales and $8 million USD in digital art sales and trading volume since its platform launch. This showcases its effectiveness in bridging traditional art markets with the emerging digital art space.

Expansive Global Community

With over 800,000 members of the global community of NFT buyers, LiveArt has established a substantial and growing base of enthusiasts, collectors, and artists interested in NFTs and digital art, reflecting the platform's reach and influence.

Impressive Audience Growth

Demonstrating significant year-over-year growth, LiveArt’s audience valuation jumped from 50,000 valued at $10M USD in 2021 to 100,000 valued at $25M USD in 2022, reaching 560,000 valued at $50M USD in 2023. This rapid expansion highlights the platform's increasing popularity and the rising interest in art and NFTs.

Growing Social Media Influence

With a fast-growing social media presence, including reaching more than 400k followers on Twitter in 2023, LiveArt has effectively used digital channels to engage with its community, promote artists, and highlight new collections and offerings.

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